Art Murmur x #SupportLocalArt

This year ASAP Art Murmur has partnered with Saskia Fernando Gallery to present the summer series of #SupportLocalArt, a talks initiative begun by the Sri Lankan based gallery in the summer of 2021 to promote the arts and culture of Sri Lanka. This is the second dedicated summer series of Art Murmur hosted by ASAP and the fourth edition of #SupportLocalArt by Saskia Fernando Gallery.
With this talk series, both organizations are looking to celebrate the Sri Lankan contemporary art ecosystem. The talks consider how Sri Lankan art and culture can be a bigger part of the South Asian art historical and contemporary art narratives and seek to introduce certain Sri Lankan art and artist practices to the ASAP audience.
This programme is supported by Faizal and Shabana Foundation.
Talk 1:
“A Jewel in ‘Indra’s Net’: Celebrating Sri Lankan Art” - As the first talk in the 4th edition of #SupportLocalArt, Mala Yamey, Head of Programme for ASAP speaks to Sandhini Poddar, Adjunct Curator, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project, Saskia Fernando, Founder of Saskia Fernando Gallery, and Amrita Jhaveri, Co-Founder of Jhaveri Contemporary.

Talk 2:
“Mythical Narratives of the Sri Lankan Diaspora” - As the second in its series, Mythical Narratives of the Sri Lankan Diaspora, the artists Vasantha Yogananthan, who was born in France to a French mother and a Sri Lankan father, will be in conversation with Shyama Golden, the Sri Lankan - American artist based in Los Angeles, moderated by Mala Yamey, Head of Programme for ASAP.

Talk 3:
“What We Do With Other People: The Packet” - As the final talk of its series,What We Do With Other People: The Packet, two members of the Packet, the artist Imaad Majeed and poet Tashyana Handy, will be in conversation with Mala Yamey, Head of Programme for ASAP.

#SupportLocalArt Talk Series is an initiative dedicated to providing a holistic platform for the Sri Lankan art community to share their stories, concerns, and solutions to the chronic underfunding of the local Sri Lankan art scene. #SupportLocalArt sits down with practitioners of the art community across the board - meeting separately with the patrons, the institutions, and the artists themselves to discuss how the Sri Lankan community can come together as a community, placing uplifting the art community in Sri Lanka as our shared goal.
Art Murmur is part of the Professional Development section of ASAP. It is an ongoing series of webinars organised by ASAP and specially designed for people who have an interest in learning more about South Asian art and its methodologies.
Discussions are led by academics, artists and subject specialists from across the globe, exploring various topics and issues related to the field of modern and contemporary South Asian Art as well as providing practical advice such as how to develop research skills and how artists can approach galleries and curators to showcase their work.